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  • Controls and Timers Explained

    Once you have taken the time to choose your new Glow-worm boiler it soon becomes the reliable white box under the stairs, in the kitchen cupboard or in the airing cupboard.

    However, the controls become part of your everyday life. It is extremely important that you pair your appliance with easy to use controls that enhance your heating system.

    Glow-worm provide a wide range of controls designed for different homeowner needs, all with user friendliness at the heart. With simple push button controls, large screens and neat designs which are easy to use and look at home in any UK house.

    All Glow-worm controls use Ebus protocol to talk directly to your Glow-worm boiler, enabling them to talk intelligently to each other. This creates more efficient heating systems that deliver savings on household energy bills and add 2% to SEDBUK values in the Code for Sustainable Homes when used for room (load) or weather compensation.

    Intelligent room control explained

    Intelligent room control is a simple method of controlling the flow temperature of water to the central heating
    system based on the temperature measured in the room.

    As the temperature approaches the desired set point, the Glow-worm Climastat or Climapro/RF begins to lower the flow temperature of water supplied to the central heating system (radiators).

    A lower flow temperature means that the boiler operates more efficiently in, or closer to the condensing mode.
    Energy costs are then reduced and a more stable and comfortable room temperature is achieved.

    Weather compensation explained

    Weather compensators work by measuring the temperature outside the property and adjusting the flow
    temperature from the boiler to the radiators accordingly, meeting the needs of the actual daily heat demands of the property. The colder the outdoor temperature, the hotter the flow temperature to the radiators, conversely as the weather improves and becomes warmer outdoors, the cooler the flow temperature to the radiators. This ensures that the boiler is operating as efficiently as possible whilst still keeping the temperature in the house comfortable.

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