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Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

New Boiler - Warranty Registration

  • Thank you for your Glow-worm purchase!
  • Please complete the form to register the warranty for your new boiler.

    As an installer you could join Club Energy to benefit from a Free 5 year warranty and be able to purchase extended warranties online for your customers more details at www.glow-wormclubenergy.co.uk.

Installation address

Product information

  • Standard Warranty Offered

    Ultracom, Flexicom, Betacom2, Ultrapower: 2 year parts and labour
    Easicom: 3 year parts and labour
    New Ultimate: 5 year parts and labour

    All other appliances have a 2 years parts and 1 year labour warranty unless specified otherwise.

    Join Club Energy to benefit from a Free 5 year warranty more details
    at www.glow-wormclubenergy.co.uk.

Correspondence address

  • Please complete the following only if the boiler is owned by a landlord, local authority, housing association, etc.

Installer details

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