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ErP 101: Responsibilities of the Manufacturer, Merchant/Distributer, Installer

Part 2 of the ErP 101 Series

ErP will come into force for domestic hot water and heating appliances on the 26th of September 2015. Here’s a simple brief on what each party has to do.

Responsibilities of Glow-worm

As of 1st August 2015 manufacturers can no longer produce heating products that contain integrated pumps with an EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) of less than 0.23.

Glow-worm’s new range of ErP complaint boilers will be made available to the market on the 1st of August. The new boiler range will be one of the most efficient on the market.

Where Glow-worm supplies a system (eg boiler & control) as one article number, Glow-worm will also supply the system label.

All Glow-worm products will be supplied with

  • Product label
  • Data Fiche (Technical data label for others to produce a system label)

Responsibilities of the Merchant/Distributer

Where merchants sell systems as a single article number direct to the homeowner, it is their responsibility to provide the system label at the point of sale.

If boiler bundles are created with controls, then they become systems and must be sold with a system label (NB: Only thermostats affect by ELD, not time switches).

Where merchants print technical information e.g. pricelists, the efficiency band must be displayed.

The data fiche must be available online for all products offered.

If the product is displayed (e.g. on a merchant counter or exhibition) the entire label must be displayed (including a system label if a system is shown).

Responsibilities of the Installer

The installer is responsible for providing the correct label when he installs a system (i.e. boiler and control). Glow-worm will include a product label in the box if it’s just a boiler install. For system labels Glow-worm provide the installer with a simple online tool to create it.

You’ll be expected to advise your customers about the product’s efficiency rating and recommend additional products such as controls to reach optimum efficiency.

In this instalment we’ve told you what each party is responsible for. To summarise:

  • Manufacturers need to include a label with their products
  • Merchants have to create the system labels for the bundles they sell as single article numbers
  • Installers have to create the label for the system chosen to install – where the products have separate article numbers