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Top 10 Most Eco-Friendly Houses

Here at Glow-worm, we consider the preservation and protection of the environment to be an incredibly serious issue, which is why we strive to bring you the latest economical breakthroughs in our heating and energy technology.

However, there are some innovations even we can’t compete with, including the amazing eco-friendly architecture that’s taking the world by storm, and for all the right reasons.

In order to showcase what we mean, we’ve collected together the 10 most eco-friendly homes from across the globe and listed them below for your enjoyment.

1. Redondo Beach House, California, USA

This stunning contemporary home is actually made up of recycled steel shipping containers, utilising a number of forward-thinking construction methods that result in a house that’s economical and practically indestructible. Seriously, it’s resistant to termites, fire and even mould!

Find out more about the house on the DeMaria Website.

2. Rothstein-Meckler House, Santa Fe, United States

Proof that being green doesn’t have to cost the earth (pun intended), the Rothstein-Meckler House cost only $188 (£121) per square foot, and is over 40% more energy-efficient than the standard two-storey home.

This has won the house a number of eco-friendly accolades, including a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum rating. Find out more here.

3. LivingHomes, Santa Monica, United States

Designed by American entrepreneur Steve Glenn, this Santa Monica home is the first to have been given the long sought-after platinum status in the LEED rating system.

The two-storey house has four bedrooms and is so eco-friendly that even the paint they used doesn’t give off any volatile organic compounds.

The designer has estimated that with all the home’s eco-friendly features, he saves a whopping $1,500 (just over £970) per year on utility bills.

4. Zero Carbon House, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Architect John Christophers has designed an eco-friendly house that does what it says on the tin.

Built with the aim of giving off absolutely no emissions, the award-winning Birmingham-based home features an array of eco-friendly features, including solar panels on the roof and a rain-collecting water tank that feeds water into the toilets.

Find out more about this zero-carbon wonder on the official site.

5. Eco-Lodges, Cornwall, United Kingdom

The terms ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘holiday’ don’t often go together well, but this scheme at the Gwel an Mor resort in Cornwall bucks the trend in a beautiful fashion. The stunning two- and three-bedroom open-plan properties are 44% more energy-efficient than government guidelines dictate they need to be. With air-to-water heat pumps providing heating and special thermal wood used during the build process, they manage to maintain their elegant appearance whilst also helping maintain the environment.

6. The Active House, Lystrup, Denmark

We know what you’re thinking: how active can a house really be?

The first of its kind, this eco-friendly home in Denmark earns its name by actually producing more energy than it uses.

The house uses an array of solar-powered features combined with an advanced computer system which controls the interior climate, opening and closing windows to suit the weather and time of day.

7. House amongst the Trees, Sydney, Australia

A house that perfectly weaves its surroundings into its design, this earth-friendly home goes so far to avoid disrupting the environment that it allows a 30-foot eucalyptus tree to grow through its deck.

Surrounded by council-protected trees, this house is truly engulfed in nature. It also collects and harvests rainwater to use in the bathroom and kitchen with its unique ‘butterfly’ roof. It looks like the best treehouse in world.

8. Shelter House, Yport, France

Whilst it may look simple, this gorgeously rustic home operates completely independent of the French national grid, generating its own electricity, heat and water using techniques such as solar panels, geothermal energy and rainwater harvesting.

As if that weren’t enough, all the materials used within the design and build process are 100% recyclable, and were sourced from within 100km of the land.

Discover more about the home here.

9. Bridge House, Adelaide, Australia

Designed by Max Pritchard, this amazing feat of architecture requires no air conditioning due to the fact that it can store heat through its insulated floor in the winter and ventilate air through its many windows in the summer.

On top of that, this eco-friendly property was built sustainably using recycled and reusable materials that were installed with very little machinery. And did we mention that the house also doubles as a bridge?

10. Morn Hill, Winchester, United Kingdom

The subject of a detailed Energy Saving Trust case study, the Greentithe Morn Hill development project is a fantastic example of a house being designed with the environment in mind first and foremost.

Designed to be a completely zero-carbon house, this site blends exceptional living with high sustainability. The house features rain-harvesting technology, triple-glazed windows, energy-efficient lighting and even a vegetable planting area!

Find out more

Haven’t got the luxury of living in a custom-built eco-home? Don’t panic! You can still help both the environment and your budget by upgrading to a more economical heating system, such as one of Glow-worm’s hybrid heating systems.

Stay up to date with all the latest news and features from the world of domestic energy by visiting the Glow-worm site.