Clearly Solar by Glow-worm

Everything you need in a solar water heating solution

  • Benefits from funding support through government RHI scheme
  • Can be installed on roof, in roof or even on a flat roof
  • Reduces reliance on using a boiler saving carbon lowering energy bills
  • Delivers 50 - 60% of domestic hot water every year – free!

Solar hot water heating for great savings

Solar Hot Water Heating solution reducing heating bills

Clearly Solar is a renewable energy system that is designed specifically for use on UK homes and has everything you need to look for in a flat plate solar thermal solution.

Glow-worm’s Clearly Solar system delivers between 50 and 60% of your home’s domestic hot water every year. In the summertime it can be as high as 100% which means that your boiler may never have to fire up, saving energy and money.

Sleek and Subtle design

The Clearly Solar panels are made from smart black anodised aluminium which makes them hard wearing, robust and very subtle, neatly fitting into or onto your roof.

Alternatively, if the inclination or aspect of the roof is not perfectly suited for a solar installation, Clearly Solar can also be installed on A-frames which are extremely easy to construct and site on a flat roof or in a garden.

Grants and Incentives

The Clearly Solar range is MCS accredited and therefore you can apply for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) funding when the system is installed by an MCS accredited installer. Try our Energy Savings Calculator to find out if your home is eligible for government funding.

Features & Benefits

• Provides up to 60% of hot water all year round

• Reduces your energy bills using Free solar power to heat hot water

• Robust, hard-wearing and high performance

• Can be installed on roof, in roof and on ‘A’ frame

• Compatible with all Glow-worm boilers

• Complete solution with controls, pump and Flurocyl hot water cylinder

Related Products

Related Products

Climapro₂ RF Control

Glow-worm’s most innovative wireless programmable room thermostat

  • Simple to use handheld unit can be wall mounted or portable within the living area
  • Backlit display provides advanced user control and functionality
  • Two channel wireless programmable room thermostat
  • Central heating control system to suit your timetable and lifestyle

Flurocyl2 Cylinder for Clearly Solar

Dedicated hot water cylinder for Clearly Solar

  • High grade stainless steel cylinder with high flow rates
  • Stores hot water generated from both sources
  • Solution for Solar Thermal & Boiler installations
  • Choice of sizes: 200, 250 & 300 litre models



Alternative products

Alternative products

Clearly Hybrid

A system which uses advanced controls to select the most cost effective method of heating

  • Benefits from funding support through government RHI scheme
  • Peace of mind against uncertainty of LPG/oil supply and reduces energy bills
  • Constant heat and hot water provided by using either boiler or heat pump
  • Combines a heat pump and high efficiency boiler system

Clearly Heat Pumps from Glow-worm

High performance range of heat pumps utilising the next generation in renewable energy technology

  • Benefits from funding support through Gov.t RHI scheme
  • Reduces reliance on Gas & Oil and offers carbon savings of 40%+
  • Compact space saving system that is simple to install and maintain
  • Choice of 5,8,11 and 15kW output models to suit every requirement