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Thermostat by Glow-worm

  • Easy to use
  • Extra low voltage
  • Simple & discreet 2 wire connection
  • Polarity not important

Climastat is the easy-to-use, simple and straightforward thermostat from Glow-worm.

Climastat will allow you to control your room temperature and is compatible with all of our boilers. If you're after a simple, discreet thermostat, Climastat could be the best option for you.

Features & benefits

  • Wall mounted Climastat connects using simple low voltage eBus
  • Can use existing cables if replacing another thermostat
  • Traditional interface for customers to set heating programmes
  • eBus connected Climastat means the boiler will modulate to manage heating in the most efficient way possible



Plug in timer* 
Room thermostatYes
Programmable room thermostat 
Wireless controls 
Load compensationYes
Weather compensation 
Achieves +3% on ErP efficiencyYes

*Available as an additional purchase