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Flurocyl2 Cylinder for Clearly Solar

Dedicated hot water cylinder for Clearly Solar

  • High grade stainless steel cylinder with high flow rates
  • Stores hot water generated from both sources
  • Solution for Solar Thermal & Boiler installations
  • Choice of sizes: 200, 250 & 300 litre models

Flurocyl2 Twin Coil Cylinders for Solar Thermal installations

Glow-worm’s Flurocyl2 cylinders have one coil which heats water using your boiler and a second coil which heats water using energy from the Clearly Solar panel.

Glow-worm Flurocyl2 cylinders are fully compatible with any regular heat only or sealed system boiler and fit easily through any standard airing cupboard door.

Special construction of the coils inside the cylinder ensures that the top two thirds of the cylinder is heated first. This enables high volumes of hot water to be delivered on demand and the thermostatic mixing valve adds cold water into the solar heated water to achieve the required temperature for safe water usage.