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New ErP Regulations To Come

This brief guide tells you what you need to know about the new Energy related Product (ErP) regulations and how they will affect you.

What is the change?

From September 2015 heating and hot water appliances will need to display an energy label. Just like the labels you get on your washing machines and fridges.

Is the best energy label always the right choice for me?

The labelling has been specifically designed to help you make an informed choice with new heating and hot water solutions for your home. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the best energy label does not necessarily always represent the best solution for you. As well as providing you with a fully compliant solution, your Glow-worm installer can advise you on all of your options.

How can Glow-worm help?

Every Glow-worm heating product will have a new energy label to demonstrate the energy efficiency. Check out our boiler range by clicking here.

If you’d like more advice on the new Energy related Product (ErP) regulations either contact us or speak to your Glow-worm installer.