Flexicom sx – (Discontinued)

The compact boiler that fits in a cupboard

  • High efficiency with a NOx class 5 rating
  • The only condensing system boiler with a direct flue
  • Could be fitted almost anywhere
  • On board diagnostics for superior serviceability

Flexibility for every household

Flexicom is Glow-worm’s high efficiency system boiler suited to most UK homes, from apartments to 4 bedroom detached.

Small boiler, Big supply

The Flexicom sx range provides a large supply of hot water through a compact boiler and a storage cylinder (normally housed in your airing cupboard) without the need for a cold water tank in your loft.

Ideal Replacement Boiler

To replace an old boiler or install a new one, with the minimum of fuss, you need an appliance that will fit just about anywhere. That's why Glow-worm created the Flexicom; a High Efficiency condensing boiler that's so flexible, compact and simple to install, it makes your life easy.

Fully compatible with any cylinder

Full compatibility with any cylinder on a sealed heating system, the Flexicom delivers fantastic performance from a tiny appliance.

Features & Benefits

  • High Efficiency with a NOx Class 5 rating
  • Fits inside standard kitchen cupboard*
  • Only high efficiency condensing boiler in the UK with a direct rear flue option
  • Inbuilt frost protection for the all important winter months
  • On board diagnostics for superior serviceability
  • Extensive flueing options for flexibility in installation
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty**

Optional Extras

  • Manometer kit
  • Upward piping kit
  • Outdoor sensor

* Sizes of kitchen cupboards vary. Please check boiler and cupboard dimensions prior to installations.

**Glow-worm’s certified installers can offer you up to 15 years of warranty; if you’re

interested please get in touch with your nearest one here.

To view the Terms & Conditions of the Glow-worm Guarantee please click here.

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