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Energy system boiler

ErP A rated system boiler with FREE 7 year guarantee out of the box

  • High quality aluminium heat exchanger
  • FREE 7 year guarantee out of the box with option to extend*
  • Compact size – fits perfectly in kitchen cupboards
  • ErP A rated for efficiency - helping to reduce energy bills
  • High Efficiency modulating Grundfos pump

The Energy system boiler comes with a great range of outputs, attractive modern design, bright easy to use interface and a choice of controls. The Energy sealed system boiler range is suitable for homes with high hot water demands and can be installed with a range of cylinders for hot water storage. Energy is a light and compact boiler with a choice of rear or top flue making it easy to install in any situation. The automotive grade aluminium heat exchanger has large waterways making it perfect for retrofit jobs. Energy just requires simple water flush cleaning for the heat exchanger which means lower costs and no special cleaning tools. The patented 4 sided cooling reduces the stress on the heat exchanger which means longer term reliability for your customers. Energy is supported by UK wide spare parts availability.

Join Club Energy to enjoy the full benefits

Glow-worm’s Club Energy members earn rewards for their installations and can offer their customers’ up to 15 years of guarantee. By using the industry leading installer app Plumbing Toolbox, Club Energy members complete the registration, guarantee, Gas Safe notification and Benchmark on the go saving so much time. Find out more about Club Energy here.

*When registered through Club Energy

Features & benefits

  • Quiet operation - "Quiet Mark" approved thanks to its ultra quiet operation (excludes 15 kW and 30 kW models).
  • Wide product range - An Energy for virtually any installation.
  • Top and rear flue options - Offers flexibility to fit most install situations and is perfect for retrofit.
  • High quality automotive grade aluminium heat exchanger - Designed to last longer, be easy to maintain, is super quiet and reduces customers’ energy bills.
  • Cupboard fit - Small footprint boiler range that offers the choice to install in more locations, including a kitchen cupboard.
  • Modern bright LCD display - Excellent clarity of boiler information, making it easy to change and confirm settings in dimly lit areas.
  • High efficiency modulating Grundfos pump - Lower running costs as the pump adapts to actual heating and hot water demand.
  • FREE 7 year guarantee - Free 7 year guarantee straight out of the box with the option to extend*



system boilers
Article number  0010015655001001565600100156540010015658 0010015659
Gas Council number  41-019-1641-019-17 41-019-1841-019-19 41-019-20
Boiler dimensions
(H x W x D)
mm700 x 390 x 280700 x 390 x 280700 x 390 x 280700 x 390 x 280700 x 390 x 280
Nominal heat output range at 50/30˚C
(Condensing mode)
kW4.7 - 12.8 4.7 - 15.9 5.2 - 19.16.4 - 26.57.5 - 31.8
Nominal heat output range at 80/60˚C
(Non condensing mode)
kW4.5 - 12.3 4.5 - 15.25 - 18.36.1 - 25.47.2 - 30.5
Domestic Hot Water
Maximum heat output for water generationkW151825.23030
Heat exchanger material AluminiumAluminiumAluminiumAluminiumAluminium
Boiler lift weight (Dry boiler)kg31 31 31 3232
ErP decibel rating (sound power)dBa4547495154
PCDB seasonal efficiency%89.389.389.389.389.3
Flueing Options
Maximum horizontal flue length 60/100m1010101010
Maximum vertical flue length 60/100m1010101010

For full specification, please download here (3065 kB).

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Alternative products

Alternative products

Ultimate₃ system boiler

  • ErP A rated for efficiency - helping to reduce energy bills
  • FREE 5 year guarantee when registered on Club Energy*
  • £15 reward when registered through Club Energy
  • Available as 25kW model