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Energy LPG combi boiler

FREE 7 year guarantee out of the box

  • Cupboard fit
  • High efficiency, modulating Grundfos pump
  • High quality, automotive grade, aluminium heat exchanger
  • FREE 7 year guarantee out of the box with option to extend*

The Energy LPG combi boiler comes in a 30kW output, with an attractive modern design, bright easy to use interface and a choice of controls. Energy LPG is a light and compact boiler with a top flue. The automotive grade aluminium heat exchanger has large waterways making it perfect for retrofit jobs. The inbuilt filling loop is neat and practical for boiler top up.

This dedicated LPG model comes factory set with no adjustments required and there is a single unit code supplied to make ordering easy. The boiler and flue pack come complete with compatible top horizontal flue kit.

The Energy2 30c LPG offers the same benefits as the natural gas version.

Features & Benefits

  • Cupboard Fit - Provides great siting options for install
  • Top Flue Connection - Supplied complete with a standard horizontal flue terminal for ease of ordering - other flue options are not available for use with the LPG version
  • Grundfos High Efficiency Pump - Lower running costs as the pump adapts to actual heating and DHW demand
  • Aluminium Heat Exchanger - Automotive grade heat exchanger designed to last longer and is easy to maintain
  • Modern Bright LCD Display - Innovative display making it easy to change the settings wherever it is installed
  • FREE 7 year guarantee out of the box – with options to extend*
  • Warm Start Function - Instantaneous hot water providing great homeowner comfort

*When registered through Club Energy



Technical dataUnit of measureEnergy 30c LPG
Boiler type combi
LPG convertible Dedicated
Article number 0010027591
Boiler dimensions (HxWxD)mm700 x 390 x 280
Side clearancemm5
Top clearancemm150
Top clearance if using rear fluemm20
Bottom clearancemm150
Front clearance ~mm600
~ Can be reduced to 5mm if fitted behind removable door / panel
Nominal heat output range at 50/30°C (Condensing mode)kW8 - 26.5
Nominal heat output range at 80/60°C (Non condensing mode)kW7.5 - 25
Flow temperature range°C10 - 80
Modulation (max/min)1 : X1:3.5
Domestic Hot Water
Maximum heat output for water generationkW30
Lowest water pressure to operate boilerbar0.3
Lowest water flow for operationl/min1.9
Domestic hot water flow rate for operation (at DT =Δ35K) * l/min12.4
Hot water output temperature range˚C35-60
Gas inlet connection (pipe size)mm15
Heating flow and return connections (pipe size)mm15
Hot and cold water connections (pipe size)mm22
Heat exchanger materialStainless/AluminiumAluminium
Filling loop suppliedYES/NOYes
Factory fitted timerYES/NONo
Boiler lift weight (Dry boiler)kg33
Spacer frame availableYES/NO(Yes) 02202193660
NOx (En 15502-2-1)mg/kWh35
ErP efficiency%95
ErP decibel rating (sound power)dBa51
PCDB seasonal efficiency (SAP 2009/2012)%91.0
PCDB seasonal efficiency (SAP 2005)%92.5
Fluing Options
Maximum horizontal flue length 60/100m1
Maximum vertical flue length 60/100m-
Maximum horizontal flue length 80/125m-
Maximum vertical flue length 80/125m-
Rear flue optionYES/NONo
Permissible flue classifications C13

* Vaillant combi boilers are fitted with a flow regulator set to achieve a temperature rise of 42°C. This maintains comfortable bathing and showering during the colder months of the year.