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Energy 35 Store combi boiler

35kW combi boiler

  • ErP A rated for efficiency - helping to lower energy bills
  • Provides high performance heating and instant, sustained hot water
  • System contains two highly insulated 21 litre integrated tanks
  • Fast re-generation times of less than 5 minutes

Energy 35 store

High efficiency storage combi boiler which provides efficient heating and hot water at the touch of a button. Available in 35kW output.

The Energy 35 store is a fully integrated, wall-hung boiler, which combines the benefits of both a system and combi boiler in one helpful package. It provides efficient heating and instant, unlimited domestic hot water, making it perfect for larger properties with a high domestic hot water demand.

Fast regeneration time

One of the Energy 35 store’s major advantages is its short regeneration time. It requires less than 5 minutes to regenerate to its maximum capacity as compared to an alternative system boiler and cylinder which may take over 30 minutes. As a result, you can always enjoy the comfort of having hot water on demand.

Two-tank principle

The Energy 35 store contains two 21 litre tanks. If you only use a small amount of hot water, the hot water in the first tank remains available for times when demand is greater. At times of high demand one or both of the tanks would provide additional hot water, which always comes from the top of the tank. This unique design can significantly reduce standing heat losses.

Features & benefits

  • High efficiency and NOx Class 5 rated
  • Stainless steal heat exchanger ensures great performance and exceptional reliability
  • Provides high performance heating and instant, sustained hot water supply for larger properties
  • System contains two highly insulated 21 litre integrated tanks to provide constant and large hot water usage, and reduced heat loss
  • Fast re-generation times of less than 5 minutes
  • Powerful 19.7 litres/min flow rate (At 35 degree rise achieved using shift load technology and mixing valve supplied with the appliance)
  • All components are housed within a single, compact, wall-hung unit - minimal space is required in comparison to other comparable performance heating solutions
  • Features 12 litre expansion vessel to cover larger system requirements
  • One way fit with simple wiring connections
  • Clear fault code explanation - detailed plain text display to help use and commissioning
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Removable easy clean filter helps protect the heating circuit, even in hard water areas
  • Compatible with Glow-worm’s eBUS controls including Climapro2 RF
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty*

*Glow-worm’s Club Energy installers can offer up to 15 years of warranty. To register to become a Club Energy installer click here.



Energy combi storage boilerUnits35kW
Casing dimensions (H x W x D)mm890 x 470 x 561
Weight (lift)kg67
CH output minimum/maximumkW8.5/30.0
DHW outputkW8.7/35.7
DHW flow rate (35°C rise)l/min19.7
Minimum operating pressure (bar) 0.3
Minimum pressure for maximum flow 1.0
SEDBUK 2009 annual efficiency%89.4
ErP rating (heating) A
ErP rating DHW  A
NOx class (natural gas) 5
Heat exchanger material Stainless steel
Burner type Pre-mixed
Fully modulating Yes
DHW plate heat exchanger Yes
Integrated hydrobloc Yes
Suitable for sealed systems Yes
Filling loop Yes
Inbuilt system bypass Yes
Inbuilt condensate trap/siphon Trap
Inbuilt frost protection 2 Stage
Zero compartment ventilation Yes
Pump Wilo Yonos HB15/7.5
Sidemm50 (L) / 150 (R)
User interface
Diagnostics Advanced/Intuitive
User adjustable CH temperature control Yes
User adjustable DHW temperature control Yes
Warm start function Yes
Optional spacing frame Yes
Timer Yes
Aesthetic pipe cover No
Optiflue compatible (PFGHRD) Yes
Maximum horizontal Ø60/100m10
Maximum vertical Ø60/100m10
Maximum horizontal Ø80/125m25
Maximum vertical Ø80/125m25
Optional plume management kit Ø60/100 Yes
Rear flue option No