Did someone mention Black Friday?

Yes, it’s Black Friday on November 29th and we’re having a flash sale on Glow-worm MiGo (combi) and Climapro₂ controls.

For a short time only, you can buy MiGo controls for £99.99 each or a Climapro₂ for £69.99 each (+VAT) and you can buy up to five of each control. That price includes free delivery and you should receive your controls in two to four working days.

Why not take advantage of this fantastic offer on our most popular Glow-worm heating controls? All you need to do is call 0345 602 0262 and select option 1 to place your order when our lines open between 9am and 5pm. Please be aware that this offer is only available between these times on Friday 29th November.

For more information on the MiGo and Climapro₂ click here.