Compliance @ Vaillant Group: Reporting Channels

If you become aware of any breaches of law, Vaillant Group’s Code of Conduct or our internal rules and regulations, the persons to report such breach to can be contacted directly at any time by all our employees, suppliers and customers.

In addition with the BKMS whistleblower system, all our employees, suppliers and customers also have access to a tool that they can use to highlight suspicious behaviour to our compliance team. This report can be made anonymously, because we understand that such matters cannot always be addressed directly. Therefore, do not hesitate to make use of the tool – and to point us in the right direction.

Please note that the BKMS whistleblower system should not be used for customer service issues or complaints regarding Vaillant Group products. For any customer service or product related complaints, please contact us using the form here.

The BKMS whistleblower system is available via the following link

Click here