Continuing to Support Installers

At Glow-worm, our commitment to keeping Britain glowing means we're continually looking at ways to support installers. From the Mystery Trip to bundles that help make quoting for a job easier, here, Steve Cipriano Commercial Director at Glow-worm, looks at some of the ways we're doing this.

Club Energy

Glow-worm’s Club Energy is a go-to for a range of impressive rewards and valuable business support tools for one-off domestic Gas Registered heating engineers. The online and App based tool helps make installation work easier, including registering installs, guarantees, Gas Safe certification, and benchmark forms.

The Glow-worm Club Energy loyalty programme continues to grow in popularity, and we regularly meet and speak with our Club Energy members at events such as the UK wide Merchant Mystery Tour, trade exhibitions and the popular Glow-worm Mystery Trip. This way we can make sure they’re getting the most out of the programme and show our support to our hard-working installers.

Mystery Trip

Back for its fourth year, Glow-worm recently released details of the Mystery Trip 2023, that will see 40 lucky Glow-worm Club Energy installers and their partners, secure a place on a trip of a lifetime to an exclusive, top-secret destination. Previous trips have included Vietnam and Mauritius, and the next location is set to be just as spectacular.

And to make sure everyone has the opportunity to secure their place, every Glow-worm Club Energy member who registers for the Mystery Trip will receive a personalised target, meaning it really is all to play for.

In addition, this year Glow-worm is offering additional prizes that can be won as installers navigate their way through the different prize stages until they hit their target and reach the ‘Mystery Trip red zone’ – so there’s lots of incentives along the way.


Having a set price is of course the most attractive element when it comes to selecting a boiler bundle. You know where you are with the cost ahead of a job, so you can determine whether what you have in mind will be suitable without having to waste time going backward and forward with a customer. Indeed, quoting for a job is one of those time-consuming elements so often overlooked by customers, who expect you to give an estimate on the spot. Knowing you have a complete boiler bundle ready to go simplifies this step and makes quoting quick and easy.

For instance, the Unbelievabundle from Glow-worm includes the Energy boiler, which is known for its high performance and compact cupboard fit dimensions. The boiler is light, easy to install and has features like the automotive-grade aluminium heat exchanger to deliver lower running costs. The Unbelievabundle then includes the Glow-worm Power System filter which promotes best practice, helping maintain water quality to ensure longevity of the install. Its compact design can be fitted horizontally and allows for flexible siting, and can be simply taken apart for easy servicing, meaning ongoing maintenance is equally as hassle free in the future.

Extended Guarantees

A number of our boiler bundles also offer extended guarantees as part of the package. Glow-worm’s Unbelievabundle includes a 10-year guarantee which ensures you can give customers extra peace of mind. You can be assured that with one of the largest service operations in the industry, with over 260 engineers, Glow-worm are there to support you if needed during the busy months or in this case for the next decade.

With many installers continuing to work throughout the pandemic, we wanted to offer something that helped them get back to business post lockdown with a simple but high value boiler bundle and show our appreciation through trips such as the Mystery Trip. At Glow-worm we make life as easy as possible for installers so that they can work effectively in a busy time of the year helping quote quickly, win more business and help Keep Britain Glowing.