Learning is Earning

For any busy installer, investing in training can be a big commitment – particularly when their time equals money. But with online learning becoming more readily available, installers can use this as opportunity to invest and grow their business. Here, Steve Cipriano, Commercial Director for UK & Ireland at Glow-worm discusses how the Glow-worm Academy can offer just that.

With the UK population expected to grow by 3 million people by 2028¹, the race to build more and more homes has rapidly increased, and with heating season soon to be on the agenda, the home heating market is inevitably at its most pressured.

Against this backdrop, many installers would agree that trying to fit training into their busy working schedules can be challenging, especially for those who are self-employed. Yet, making a small investment in their learning can reap a wealth of rewards too.

Not only increasing product knowledge, but professional training can also aid installers in becoming more confident when recommending products or services to customers, or even spot additional opportunities to upsell, which in turn means more revenue.

Going beyond this, training can also help installers stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends to ensure that they are ahead of the game.

A blended approach

While many manufacturers are moving to a blended learning approach, this shouldn’t mean that installers can’t take advantage of expert knowledge too. In addition to the online Glow-worm Academy, here at Glow-worm, we also offer a host of courses in our six Centres of Excellence located across the UK. Installers can complete their theory modules in the comfort of their own home, or book an in-person course, cutting down on the time they need to take away from the tools, while taking advantage of training that is tailored to their needs.

With everything moving to one convenient platform via the Glow-worm Academy, this also gives the installers access to their certificates, allowing them to demonstrate to customers that they hold a competent knowledge when it comes to the latest Glow-worm technology and future challenges.

Accessing the Glow-worm Academy is simple, installers need to log in to the platform using their Club Energy credentials or new customers can access it by signing up to Club Energy via

In addition, the Glow-worm Academy includes suggested learning pathways for anyone taking part in the training, which are broken down into online or at our Centres of Excellence. We find this blended learning approach works for the majority of installers as it means they can fit it around their busy work schedules, invest in training and ultimately boost their business.

Train to gain

The Glow-worm Academy offers installers a variety of training courses from installation and commissioning to controls, ensuring that installers are equipped with the knowledge they need for today and into the future.

Installers are also able to search for a specific Glow-worm product or course, and for every training module that is completed, they receive 50 Club Energy credits which can be redeemed against items such as branded work wear, tools and homeowner literature. What’s more, as Glow-worm continues to invest in the courses available via its online training, installers are able to take advantage of the variety of courses on offer, such as marketing, designed to aid installers with the knowledge they need to further boost their business.