The secret is out… the Mystery Trip is back!

Published 12-11-2019

After the success of the re-launch of the infamous Glow-worm Mystery Trip this year, we are excited to announce that the Mystery Trip will be back in 2021. With a new destination and more opportunities to secure your space, we’re offering more fun than ever before!

As we are so excited about the 2021 trip, we are giving you even more chances to secure your spot on the trip of a lifetime. Over the next two months we are counting any boilers registered towards your 2020 target.

That means that essentially, you get two free months to register boilers to count towards your 2020 target that will help you secure your place on the 2021 Mystery Trip. Not only that, in 2020 we are adding more products that are eligible towards your target.

Think that you’ll never be able to make it on the trip? You’re wrong… Our targets are personalised and are based on your loyalty to the Glow-worm brand, not volume based. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re fitting 11 boilers a year or 80, as long as your personalised target is met, you have just as much chance to make it on to the holiday of a lifetime.

In addition, while you work towards your 2020 target, we will give you cash and credit rewards for meeting your quarterly targets to spend on our Club Energy catalogue.

Don’t be a fool and start working towards your all expenses paid holiday! Make sure you register yourself on Club Energy to receive your personalised target in January 2020.

So, don’t worry if you missed out on a space on the 2020 trip because now is your chance to earn your spot for 2021!

Sign up for Club Energy here

Take a look at the 2020 trip to Saigon, Vietnam here.