Keeping Britain Glowing: Top training trends from Glow-worm

Following the launch of the Glow-worm Academy last year, we caught up with Mark Wilkins, Training and Technologies Director at Glow-worm to look at some of the biggest training trends from the last 12 months, as well as what might be on the horizon for installers looking to enhance their product and industry knowledge.

Q: What have been the most popular training courses you've seen installers taking advantage of this year?

Our most popular courses have covered a variety of different topics, from Energy Installation & Commissioning, Diagnostics & Fault Finding, to Commissioning a Glow-worm gas appliance, ensuring that installers are equipped with the knowledge they need for today and into the future.

Online learning has continued to grow in popularity, with 47% of our installers completing online courses this year. However, we’re also seeing an increase in the number of installers seeking that face-to-face training again, with 57% of all courses delivered this year, hosted in person at one of our six Centres of Excellence. By combining online and in person training, this blended learning approach means installers can complete their theory modules in the comfort of their own home and then book onto one of our practical courses, cutting down on the time they need to spend off the tools and in training.

Q: You launched the Glow-worm Academy at the start of the year. Can you talk about the installer benefits of the platform?

We’ve had some great feedback on the Glow-worm Academy. The new online portal has allowed installers to follow a tailored learning journey to develop their technical skills with Glow-worm heating systems. With everything moving to one convenient platform via the Glow-worm Academy, it has also given the installers access to their certificates, What’s more, it offers more on-demand, blended learning and business support tools, so that training can be worked around their schedules as and when convenient, even when on the go.

Following the launch of the Glow-worm Academy, we're already seeing some interesting trends. Courses such as Energy Product Overview and Heat Exchanger Cleaning for Glow-worm boilers being the most popular online courses, while Energy Diagnostics and Fault Finding, and Energy Installation & Commissioning have been the favourites for in-person training.

Each has its benefit. Whilst our online courses offer installers the flexibility to undertake training when it suits them, the in-person sessions at our Centres Of Excellence means that they can take advantage of the tailored support from one of our expert trainers and the opportunity to get hands-on experience of products and ask questions directly.

Q: What is on the horizon for Glow-worm training in 2023?

We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help installers to 'Keep Britain Glowing’ and staying up to date with new technologies and theory is part of this.

We’re continuing to invest in our training offering to ensure that installers can access the support that extends beyond product alone and instead looks at wider topics that are affecting our industry.

Looking towards the future, another training area we’re keen to continue to support on is the development of future talent, who will be instrumental to the success of our industry. In fact, we recently delivered a face-to-face training session to apprentices at the Hybrid Training Centre in Aintree, Liverpool. The interactive training session included practical support and advice on marketing plus top tips on how to successfully build a brand to attract and win new customers. Importantly, the session also covered the importance of mental health and wellbeing, equipping apprentices with the knowledge and information they can implement in their own businesses.

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