Training at your Fingerprints

Training is not just about increasing product knowledge; professional training can also support installers in becoming more confident when recommending products or services to customers, or even in spotting additional opportunities to upsell.

Here, Mark Wilkins, Technologies & Training Director for UK & Ireland at Glow-worm looks at some of the most popular training options available from Glow-worm, and how its move towards a blended learning approach is offering real benefits to installers.

Q: Which courses are installers most interested in at the moment?

Our most popular courses cover a variety of topics, from installation and commissioning our Energy boilers, to diagnostics and fault finding, right through to commissioning a Glow-worm gas appliance. These courses all help installers in ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge they need for today and into the future.

We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help installers 'Keep Britain Glowing’ and staying up to date with new technologies and theory is part of this. As a result, we’re continuing to invest in our training offer to ensure that installers can access the support that extends beyond product alone and instead looks at wider topics that are affecting our industry.

Last year, Glow-worm elevated its online training offer with the introduction of the Glow-worm Academy – an online portal that allows installers to follow a tailored learning journey.

Q: When attending a course in person how 'hands-on' is your training?

Our hands-on training courses are hosted nationwide through Glow-worm’s Centres of Excellence, allowing installers to get first-hand and practical experience with the support of our dedicated training team.

In addition to more practical time to familiarise themselves with the products, our in-centre training also allows installers to put our trainers to the test and ask any additional questions they may have.

Q: From your experience which topics do installers need the most assistance with?

Understanding controls is becoming increasingly important for installers in terms of achieving energy efficiency. As a result, we’re seeing more installers prefer to be hands-on with the controls, through in-person training.

We also see installers requiring assistance with the boiler interface and how to optimise the boiler and system.

We have a range of courses available via the Glow-worm Academy that cover these areas to help installers develop the skills they need, including Controls Overview and Controls Wiring, as well as Control Setup & Use.

Q: Virtual training has developed significantly over the past few years, would you recommend it as an option for a busy installer?

Online learning has continued to grow in popularity, with 47% of our installers completing online courses in 2022. However, we’re also seeing an increase in the number of installers seeking face-to-face training again, with 57% of all courses delivered in 2022, hosted in-person at one of our six Centres of Excellence.

A blended learning approach enables installers to complete their theory modules in the comfort of their own home and book an in-person course to concentrate on the practical elements. This helps cut down on the time they need to take away from the tools whilst ensuring a rich learning experience. With online learning becoming more readily available, installers can also use this as an opportunity to invest and grow their business.

There is also wider business support available to installers as Glow-worm continues to invest in the Glow-worm Academy. Our latest courses that focus on soft skills, such as marketing, are designed to equip installers with the knowledge they need to further boost their business.

To access the Glow-worm Academy, Club Energy installers can log in using their Club Energy credentials. New customers can access Glow-worm Academy by signing up to Club Energy.