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Glow-worm Boilers - Full System Solution

High Efficiency boilers, controls & accessories

Over 80 years of commitment to top quality, reliability and exceptional durability have made Glow-worm one of the UK’s leading heating manufacturers. We have built our reputation on delivering products which are straightforward, dependable and designed with you in mind.

Our product range is clearly defined to meet the needs of a wide range of UK homes. With universal flueing systems, diagnostics, user controls and installation accessories, once you have installed and used one Glow-worm appliance, it’s easy to install and use them all.

Combi Boilers

We have combi boilers to suit your budget and space requirements. Our High Efficiency Energy boiler range is ErP A rated.

System Boilers

All our system boilers are designed to work as part of a complete central heating boiler system. As part of Glow-worm's complete central heating systems, we recommend Glow-worm cylinders, controls and accessories.

Regular Boilers

Glow-worm’s exceptional heat-only boilers (also known as ‘open-vent’ boilers) provide central heating and hot water via a winning combination of a boiler, a storage cylinder and water tanks.

As well as providing ultra-efficient system and combi boiler solutions, Glow-worm also specialises in manufacturing award-winning heat-only boilers.

Our online store offers a number of high-efficiency heat-only boilers, specifically designed to be durable and easy to use. If you’re looking for great performance within a sleek and stylish exterior, look no further than our heat-only range.


Glow-worm's range of controls are specifically designed to work with Glow-worm appliances, creating highly efficient heating systems and further home comfort.