Climapro₂ RF control

Glow-worm’s most innovative wireless programmable room thermostat

  • Capable of room and weather compensation*
  • Two channel wireless programmable room thermostat
  • Backlit display provides advanced user control and functionality

Climapro₁ control

Available wireless and wired

  • Annual service reminder function
  • Automatic update for summer and winter
  • Simple and discreet

Climastat room thermostat

  • Easy to use
  • Extra low voltage
  • Simple & discreet 2 wire connection

230V Room Thermostat

  • Easy to use
  • Simple analogue control of room temperature
  • Compatible with all Glow-worm boilers with the exception of Ultracom₂ 35 store

Outdoor Weather Sensor

  • Wired weather compensation sensor
  • Simple and discreet
  • Reads outdoor temperature

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

Wireless weather compensation sensor using inbuilt PV cells

Enables weather compensation when paired with MiSet, Climapro₂ RF & Climapro 1 RF

Works on indirect sunlight which re-charges the small PV cells

Upgrade your customers traditional thermostat with smart capabilities from the MiGo Link Internet Gateway and MiGo Link App

The MiGo Link Internet Gateway seamlessly links Glow-worm boilers and heating controls providing smart features including app compatibility and voice control (when paired with an Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit smart home system).Our new gateway is not only designed to work with our new thermostat the MiGo Select, but also the MiSet and Climastat Select, to give customers more flexibility with their heating system, combining simple and traditional interfaces with smart connectivity and greater energy efficiency options.

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