MiGo Select - Smart and Simple

Big comfort in a small package with the MiGo Select wireless room thermostat. An easy to use interface with full app-connected control*.

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Maximise the efficiency of your boiler.

The MiGo Select uses our exclusive eBUS protocol to seamlessly communicate with our Glow-worm devices, ensuring quick and easy energy efficiency for homeowners.

Increased comfort and savings.

The MiGo Select allows homeowners to control their heating and hot water from wherever is most convenient, be that through their control, the MiGo Link app, or their smart speaker*. Increase your comfort, lower your energy bills.

Full cost-saving potential

MiGo Select has been engineered to include retrofit connectivity, working smoothly with our new and existing boilers, helping you to upgrade your installations and make simple heating systems smart.

Internet weather compensation.

The MiGo Select uses internet weather data to calculate the outside temperature around the install base using its location and surrounding weather stations, all without the need for a separate external temperature sensor.

Smart connectivity

When installed with the MiGo Link Internet Gateway and MiGo Link app, homeowners can control their heating through their smart device or their Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit smart assistant

Internet weather compensation

When paired with the MiGo Link Internet Gateway and companion app, MiGo Select uses internet weather data to perform weather compensation, optimising the system flow temperature to maximise energy efficiency

Simple installation and set up

The MiGo Select is designed to link quickly and easily with the MiGo Link Internet Gateway, and is available to purchase as a bundle

Boiler modulation

Our unique eBUS protocol seamlessly connects Glow-worm appliance to help modulate the boiler, ensuring that your customer’s boiler is only using the required amount of energy.

* When installed with the MiGo Link Internet Gateway and companion MiGo Link app

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