MiGo Link Internet Gateway

Seamlessly link your customers system, making their devices smarter, and controlling their heating simpler.

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Smart Home Heating

Link any of our current boiler range with the MiGo Link Internet Gateway and Glow-worm control for easy access to the MiGo Link app. This allows homeowners to easily manage their heating and hot water on the go, and via their Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit smart home assistant

Monitor your energy usage

The MiGo Link Internet Gateway works with all of our boilers from 2006 onwards* and allows homeowners to monitor their heating systems’ energy consumption directly through the MiGo Link app when paired with a compatible control.

Reduce energy wastage

Linking Glow-worm heating controls and Glow-worm boiler with our eBUS protocol through the MiGo Link Internet Gateway enables additional features including weather compensation, providing homeowners with greater energy efficiency.

  • Compatible with Glow-worms MiSet, MiGo Select and Climastat Select controls and allowsyour customers to control their heating on the go using the MiGo Link app
  • Compatible with all current Glow-worm boilers
  • Enables weather compensation when installed with either a MiGo Select or Climastat Select
  • Simple installation with the new SRA 42 adapter which allows for power and eBUS to betaken directly from the boiler PCB*
  • Easily connects to Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit for additional smart home connectivity,allowing your customers to control their heating and hot water with voice commands**

* Depending on appliance type

** Only suitable for single heating systems

FeaturesMiSetMiGoMiGo SelectClimastat SelectClimapro₂ RF controlClimapro₁ control
Article numbers0020260999 (wired)
0020261004 (wireless)
0020223275 (combi)
0020223276 (Regular/System
0010035749002003540200200852210020118077 (wired)
0020118078 (wireless)
Compatible with the MiGo Link   
eBUS communication
Load compensation✔**
24-hour timer✔***✔****
7-day programming✔***✔****
Holiday mode✔***✔*
Wired or wirelessBoth availableWirelessWirelessWiredWirelessBoth available
Weather compensation✔***✔*✔****✔****
Remote app control✔*✔*✔*  
ErP efficiency classVVIVIVI*VV
ErP efficiency benefit+3%+4%+4%+4%*+3%+3%

* When installed with MiGo Link Internet Gateway

** 2 zones are achievable with wired models only and are not compatible with the MiGo Link Internet Gateway

*** Available through MiGo Link app

**** Requires outdoor sensor

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