How to comply with Boiler Plus

MiGo personal heating assistant

MiGo has been exclusively engineered to work with Glow-worm boilers. Consisting of a smart thermostat and an app, it allows the user to control both heating and hot water from a smartphone at any time, from any location. It covers the smart control element of Boiler Plus and it also makes location calculations for weather compensation.

Climapro2 RF control

Climapro2 is our most innovative wireless programmable room thermostat. It allows users to easily program their central heating and hot water requirements automatically to suit their lifestyles. The Climapro2, also available wired, complies with Boiler Plus and is compatible with all Glow-worm boilers making heating and hot water easier than ever to control.

Climapro1 control

Climapro1 is a two channel programmable room thermostat allowing users to schedule heating and hot water* requirements throughout the day. It is available in a wireless and wired unit and provides 24 hour and 7 day timing options. The control meets Boiler Plus standards by offering a smart control solution and also by providing a weather compensation solution.


Climastat is our straightforward, easy to use thermostat. It allows users to simply control the temperature in their rooms and is compatible with all Glow-worm boilers. Climastat is the best option for a simple and discreet thermostat. This also meets Boiler Plus regulations for controls and runs on extra low voltage.

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

The Glow-worm wireless outdoor sensor uses its sensors to intelligently communicate the outside temperature with the heating system. This provides weather compensated flow temperatures for maximum operational efficiency. It is simple and quick to install and meets Boiler Plus requirements when paired with Climapro2 RF and Climapro1 RF.

Outdoor Sensor

The outdoor sensor provides weather compensation by modulating lower radiator temperatures in colder weather and higher radiator temperatures in colder weather. It is simple and discreet whilst providing the desired room temperature with additional efficiency. The sensor meets Boiler Plus requirements when paired with Climapro2 and Climapro1.

Universal Analog Timer

The Universal Analog Timer is factory fitted on the Glow-worm Essential, Easicom3 and Betacom, and when paired with the Climasat it meets Boiler Plus regulations. It can also be purchased as an additional extra for the Ultimate and Energy boilers, which again meet Boiler PPlus when paired with the Climastat.

*Smart Wiring Centre2

Although the Smart Wiring Centre does not alone comply with Boiler Plus, it is a vital part of our controls offering. It allows Glow-worm intelligent controls to be used with Ultracom and Flexicom heat only and system appliances meeting Boiler Plus regulations.