Boiler Plus FAQs

Q. What if I don’t comply with Boiler Plus?

A. You could be prosecuted by Building Control if you as an installer fail to comply with Boiler plus.

Q. What if homeowners don’t want “complicated” controls?

A. Boiler Plus compliant controls don’t have to be expensive and complex, a simple room thermostat or outdoor sensor can be an easy and effective solution.

If a homeowner knowingly allows non-compliant work, they also face prosecution and possibly a fine of up to £5000.

Q. Will there be a requirement to retrofit boilers?

A. No, these changes only apply to installations of new boilers and should be considered when it is time to replace current boilers.

Q. What is load compensation?

A. Load compensation is when a control and boiler communicate intelligently with each other to modulate the flow temperature based on the current room temperature. This is why for the best Glow-worm boiler performance, Glow-worm controls are the way to go as they have been designed to work together specifically.

Q. What is weather compensation?

A. Weather compensation is the ability to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the outdoor temperature. This can be achieved with a Glow-worm outdoor sensor which allows the boiler to know exactly how much it needs to heat up, making it extra efficient.

Q. What is Flue Gas Heat Recovery?

A. Flue Gas Heat Recovery involves preheating the cold water in the system by recycling the heat from the flue gases. This creates less demand for the boiler and less time to heat the home.

Q. Can I use 3rd party controls?

A. Some 3rd party controls can be used with Glow-worm boilers, however Glow-worm controls are recommended for optimum boiler efficiency. Our controls communicate more intelligently with the boiler, meaning the boiler runs more efficiently, increasing its lifespan.

Q. Do you have any Boiler Plus training?

A. Yes we do indeed, you can register your interest here