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News 2013

Review the archives and find out what we were talking about back in 2013.

Glow-worm partners with YES Energy Solutions to give Coalville access to ECO funding

UK, 08.10.2013
YES Energy Solutions has teamed up with boiler manufacturer, Glow-worm, to offer residents in the Coalville area funding to upgrade their heating appliance to a high-efficiency Glow-worm boiler, improve their heating system controls or home insulation, as part of a project specifically for local residents.

Glow-worm Launches Renewability Programme for Installers

June 2013; Glow-worm has launched a ground-breaking initiative to help support installers wanting to move into renewable technologies.

Oil is not lost to renewables

As oil prices continue to drive skywards, interest in renewables increases from homeowners with oil-fired burners looking to reduce their dependency on the fuel.

Gas Safe now available via Glow-worm’s Club Energy

UK, 16.07.2013
A major development in Glow-worm?s Club Energy service will allow its members to submit Gas Safe notifications electronically with ease via the Club Energy website. More

Boiler replacement – getting it right

UK, 16.07.2013
Over time, boilers deteriorate and become unreliable, with the cost of repairs and breakdowns taking a heavy strain on the pocket of the homeowner. Modern boilers are known for their reliability, and with efficiency ratings up to 90% in comparison to 60% in some older boilers, it?s not surprising that 1.5 million boilers are sold every year in the UK.

Glow-worm offers installers the choice of a lifetime with new warranty

UK, 04.06.2013
Glow-worm is quite literally offering installers the choice of a lifetime, as it becomes the first heating manufacturer to offer installers a full-term warranty option on its boilers.

Glow-worm shortlisted for National Heat Pump Award

UK, 09.05.2013
Glow-worm?s Clearly Hybrid has been recognised by the industry once again, this time shortlisted for a National Heat Pump Award.

Club Energy and Gas Safe come together

UK, 29.05.2013
As part of our ongoing commitment to make Club Energy an integral part of your business, we have introduced a major new development to the Club Energy website.

Roll out the Red Carpet!

UK, 21.02.2013
We are pleased to announce that Glow-worm Club Energy and the Plumbing Toolbox App have been shortlisted for the Collaboration of the Year Award at the H&V News Awards 2013! More

OptiFlue - Making your boiler work harder

UK, 18.02.2013
With fuel bills continually on the rise and a heightened awareness of environmental concerns, homeowners are increasingly looking for energy efficient solutions to help save money and reduce their carbon footprint.