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Fault Finding Codes

Fault finding codes for the Xtramax HE range

Fault finding codes for the Xtramax HE range

F1Ignition fault
F4Ignition fault
F5Overheat Fault
F6Central heating flow thermistor
F7Domestic hot water thermistor
F8Tank thermistor
F9Water pressure sensor fault (please contact GW technical department for further information)
F10Central return flow thermistor
F11Main board connection fault
F12User interface connection fault
F13PCB memory or sensing fault
F14Gas valve control defective
F16Flame detection fault
F17Power supply is less than 170v
F18User interface fault
F19Central heating thermistor unplugged
F20Software incompatibility
F23Water circulation fault
F24Cental heating return temperature > 90 degrees
F25Maximum temperature rise slope
F26Maximum delta temperature

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