Supporting your wellbeing

Advice from the NHS and World Health Organisation

If you’re feeling anxious, worried or stressed whilst staying at home because of the COVID-19 crisis, the government, World Health Organisation and NHS have issued guidance and advice on how to look after your mental wellbeing.

NHS support:

Government guidance:

Mental health advice from the Vaillant Podcast

As a manufacturer, our commitment to keep Britain glowing stretches far beyond product and technical support, it’s about how we can empower installers across all areas of their professional lives on issues that really matter to them.

With ongoing disruption and uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to be open about mental health issues and seek help when needed.

In the first episode, installer Gary Bedford and psychologist Lauretta Wilson share their stories and give practical tips on dealing with mental health for installers who may be struggling or have concerns about a friend, family member or colleague.


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Mental Health Awareness Week: The importance of being kind to yourself through sleep and exercise

There is no denying that life as a heating and plumbing professional is physically demanding. But it can be taxing mentally too, with the pressures of running a successful business often meaning that self-care, and being kind to yourself, gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. With this in mind it’s important that installers not only take time for themselves but also check in on others working within the trade to look after each other. For Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, psychologist Lauretta Wilson explains how increasing our activity can also boost our mental health.