It's not the size of the boiler, it's the heat in the pipes

Our new Compact combi range is our smallest and lightest yet. But still it delivers heavyweight performance that will keep your customers cosy for years to come. Great for tight spaces and even tighter budgets, it's sure to be popular for landlords, off-grid customers and first-time buyers.

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Small boiler. Big benefits.

Slim and stylish design

The Compact is easy to fit in even the tightest spaces - and easy on the eye too.

Robust build

A stainless steel heat exchanger delivers dependable performance for you and your customers.

Natural gas or LPG

A choice of natural gas or LPG models means your off-grid customers can benefit too.

Bonuses for Club Energy members

The Compact range earns you Club Energy credits and points towards your Mystery Trip target.

User-friendly interface

Makes it easy for homeowners to get their heating just right.

Five-year Guarantee

Great peace of mind for your customers.


Works perfectly with the Compact range.


For added convenience when you're fitting.

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