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The MiSet control delivers exceptional performance and will earn you a big hand from the homeowners. It offers touchscreen operation and user-friendly dashboards. Installation is effortless too, so you’re not wasting your quality time.

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Features & Benefits

Boiler modulation

  • eBUS connection allows the boiler to modulate, ensuring peak performance and optimum efficiency for a Glow-worm heating system.

Touch Interface

  • The responsive, yet refined interface provides a simplistic method of navigating the control to undertake simple tasks.

Time programme assistant

  • Easily set heating programmes within minutes using the time programme assistant.

Two heating circuits with domestic hot water control

  • The wired MiSet can control up to two heating circuits with the SR 92 as the additional room thermostat.

Easily control traditional S and Y plan systems

  • Can control either an S or Y plan system when used with our Smart Wiring Centre₃.

Available wired or wireless

  • The MiSet is available as a wired or wireless model. The wired MiSet support 2 zones with the Smart Wiring Centre₃ and SR 92 remote control.

Operating and installation instructions

MiSet (913 kB)

MiSet RF (538 kB)

Operating and installation instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

See what other installers had to say about the MiSet control

Damon Power, Algas Heating & Plumbing Ltd

The black unit and colours used on the digital display are a perfect blend, very smart. Very easy to read and understand and very quick to get the hang of using the control as it walks you through each step as you go.

Dominic Atkins, G.A Gas Services Ltd

Commissioning was very simple as it was just a case of setting up the date and time and then the program times and ensuring the boiler fired up for both the heating and hot water times which it did.

Mark Jacey, Heatfast

I have been surprised, compared to the old thermostat I had which I would turn up or down just 1 degree and the house was either too hot or too cold, at the temperature control. What I have found with the MiSet is that the house has been a beautiful temperature. It seems to anticipate what the temperature is getting up to and adjust accordingly.

Steve Hamilton, Astral Plumbing Ltd

The new Glow-worm MiSet is a big step up in practicality from the existing Climapro controls. The display is far easier to read, and it is far easier to navigate through the menus. As well as being easier to read, the white on black display is very pleasing to the eye, and would blend in comfortably in any modern décor.

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