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Gas Boilers for Central Heating and Hot Water

Glow-worm Boilers: Keeping You Warm Since 1934

Our gas boilers are reliable and energy-efficient, reducing your fuel consumption, energy bills, and carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on manufacturing innovative appliances with high fuel-efficiency – choose a Glow-worm boiler for heating and hot water you can rely on.

Selecting the right boiler for your home is an important decision. You need one that meets your needs, stand the test of time, and doesn’t blow a hole in your budget. Whether you opt for a combi system, or regular boiler, your new Glow-worm appliance will be kind to the environment and your bank balance.

Learn more about our full range of hot water and central heating boilers here including our popular Energy Combi Boiler. Get started by choosing one of the boiler types below. If you need any support or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us online, or give our friendly team a call on 0345 602 2922.

Combi Boilers

Glow-worm’s combi boilersare the ideal solution for all your hot water and central heating needs.

We’ve all been there: you turn on the shower, leave it running for a while and step in… only to be shocked by a torrent of cold water.

Glow-worm produces a wide range of first-class central heating and hot water boilers including, high-efficiency combi boilers.

System Boilers

The system boiler, often called a ‘sealed system’, provides central heating and hot water via a storage cylinder, meaning that, unlike with a regular boiler, there’s no need for separate water tanks in the loft of your house.

These models are a great choice for those who have limited space in their loft, or for those living with a family who wish to use hot water from multiple sources at once.

Glow-worm’s system boilers do not require an expansion tank or gravity water feed, freeing up valuable space in your loft and meaning that it can offer a more efficient and lower cost installation process.

Regular Boilers

Glow-worm’s exceptional regular heat-only boilers (also known as ‘open-vent’ boilers) provide central heating and hot water via the boiler, a storage cylinder and water tanks.

As well as providing ultra-efficient combi and system boiler solutions, Glow-worm also specialises in manufacturing award-winning regular heat-only boilers.

We offer a number of high-efficiency regular boilers, specifically designed to be durable and easy to use. If you’re looking for great performance within a sleek and stylish exterior, look no further than our regular heat-only range.

Choosing your new boiler

Gas Boilers for Central Heating and Hot WaterNot all gas boilers are the same, and some are more suitable for certain types of homes than others.

A modern combi boiler is a compact, high-performance appliance that provides heating and hot water in an instant. With this type of boiler, water is only heated as and when you need it, saving space in your home because you won’t need a separate storage tank. Combi boilers are also a highly cost-effective and energy-efficient option.

A system boiler is the ideal choice for larger households that need to use several hot water outlets at the same time but have limited loft space. These appliances maintain a constant supply of heated water using a hot water cylinder, so you’ll need somewhere for this to go (they’re usually kept in an airing cupboard).

Regular boilers are also referred to as heat-only, conventional, or open-vent boilers. This type of boiler is perfect for supplying hot water to multiple bathrooms simultaneously, even in areas with low water pressure. A heat-only boiler needs a storage cylinder (often positioned in an airing cupboard) and a cold water tank, which is usually kept in a loft.

Want to learn more?

To assist you on your boiler buying journey, we have put together a range of useful resources to help you pick your new central heating and hot water boiler. These guides explain everything from the different types of boilers to how to arrange a boiler replacement.

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We appreciate that you probably have lots of queries when it comes to choosing your new gas boiler. Here, we’ve answered some of the questions that our customers often ask us.

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