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What is a Traditional Thermostat?

For busy households, it can be very easy to set the temperature on your thermostat and forget all about it. To ensure you'regetting the most out of your boiler so it's operating at maximum efficiency, a thermostat can use time programmes to help you reach your desiredtemperature much more easily.

Traditional thermostats often come in wired and wireless options and are easy to operate making them the perfect choicefor many homes. They can also help to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Glow-worm thermostats work to maintain a constant temperature in your home by measuring the ambient temperature andcomparing it to the programmed settings. It will then switch your Glow-worm boiler on or off as required to reach the correctheating and hot water temperature and a comfortable level.


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What is a thermostat and how does one work?

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Climapro₂ RF control

Wireless programmable room thermostat

  • Simple-to-use handheld unit can be wall mounted or portable within the living area
  • Backlit display provides advanced user control and functionality
  • Two channel wireless programmable room thermostat

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Climapro₁ control

Available wireless and wired

  • Annual service reminder function
  • Automatic update for summer and winter
  • Simple and discreet

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Climastat room thermostat (discontinued)

Thermostat by Glow-worm

  • Easy to use
  • Extra low voltage
  • Simple & discreet 2 wire connection

230V room thermostat (discontinued)

Room thermostat

  • Easy to use
  • Simple analogue control of room temperature
  • Compatible with all Glow-worm boilers with the exception of Ultracom₂ 35 store

Wired Outdoor Sensor

  • Wired weather compensation sensor
  • Simple and discreet
  • Reads outdoor temperature

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

  • Wireless weather compensation sensor using inbuilt PV cells
  • Enables weather compensation when paired with MiSet, Climapro₂ RF & Climapro₁ RF
  • Works on indirect sunlight which re-charges the small PV cells

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What is weather compensation and how does it work?

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