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MiGo Link Internet Gateway

Seamless link your boiler and heating control to make your heating system smarter, and controlling your energy use simpler.

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Smart Home Heating

Link your boiler and your Glow-worm control with the MiGo Link app to easily manage your heating and hot water on the go, and enable internet weather compensation on your device

Monitor your home energy usage

The MiGo Link Internet Gateway works with our entire current range of boilers and can pair with select Glow-worm controls to monitor your heating system through the MiGo Link app.

Reduce energy wastage

Linking your Glow-worm control and boiler through the MiGo Link Internet Gateway enables additional features including weather compensation, ensuring your heating system only uses energy as and when it needs to

MiGo Link app for iOS and Android

Download the MiGo Link app:
iOS or Android

Seamlessly pairs with our MiGo Link App

Control your heating on the go, from anywhere, at a tap of the app with our free MiGo Link companion app.

  • Check your heating status at a glance.
  • Monitor your system with the MiGo Link app.
  • Link your heating system with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa** for smart home integration and voice control*.
  • Fully compatible with Glow-worm’s MiSet, MiGo Select and Climastat Select controls.

* For single zone systems only

**A minimum iOS version 13.4, Android 8 or higher is required

MiGo Link App and Internet Gateway Compatibility

FeaturesMiSetMiGo SelectClimastat Select
Max. heating zones211
Time programming
Load compensation
Internet weather compensation✔*
App control
Smart assistant compatible✔**
Consumption monitor

* Requires outdoor sensor, only available on single zone systems

** Smart assistant compatibility only available on single zone systems

Take control of your heating



Minimum requirement of iOS 13.4 or Android 8