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Domestic Hot Water

Welcome to your lovely hot shower!

At Glow-worm we believe there is nothing worse than the shock of a cold shower – not the best way to start your day!

Glow-worm boilers deliver regular and reliable hot water whenever you need it. So you can start your day with a lovely hot shower and you can rely on Glow-worm to keep on delivering that hot water for as long as you want.

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If you’re facing a cold shower why not contact one of our Glow-worm Club Energy installers here to get a free quote for a brand new Glow-worm boiler today so that you can fall back in love with your shower.

Look forward to these advantages

  • Your hot water is ready when you want it. No need to wait for it!
  • Save water and energy and help the environment
  • Our space-saving boilers are easy to install
  • We have a boiler type to suit your individual needs

But which one of our boilers works best for you?

View our combi boiler range

View our system boiler range

View our regular (open vent) boiler range

Why our solutions are just perfect for you

There are good reasons for installers to trust in our Domestic Hot Water solutions

With our many years of experience, we have become a leading brand for heating and hot water solutions.

Our performance, quality and reliability have made us a preferred partner among professionals – who also like the fact that we have solutions that suit you best. After all, we can help you save water and energy and that’s good for the environment. And due to their small dimensions, our hot water boilers are really easy to install. But find out yourself by asking an installer!

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