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What is a Smart Control?

Smart controls use intelligent technology to detect the current temperature in your home which then switches your centralheating on and off as needed based on your settings. Glow-worm smart controls use our eBUS protocol to communicatewith your boiler to ensure it is operating efficiently whilst meeting your desired temperature.

By installing a smart control (also known as smart thermostats) and an internet gateway alongside your Glow-worm boiler in your home, they will workmore efficiently together to achieve your ideal room temperature using load and weather compensation (an outdoor sensor may be required for some controls). They will alsowork to reduce the amount of energy produced, lowering your gas bills to help save you money.

Smart heating systems allow you to use an app or heating control to make much more precise changes to your heating andhot water settings. You can set specific times and temperatures, turn the heating on or off, and adjustthe settings even if you're not at home, all from your smart device.


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MiGo Link Internet Gateway

Make your heating control smarter

  • Link your boiler and thermostat for easy app-based heating control.
  • Add smart capabilities to your existing traditional thermostat
  • Connect to your Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit smart home system

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Fuss-free heating control

  • Semi-touch interface allows fuss-free heating at your fingertips
  • Time programming assistant helps you set your timer in a few simple steps
  • Boiler modulation ensures peak performance and optimum efficiency for your Glow-worm heating system

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MiGo Select

Flexible, wireless control

  • Wireless remote control with room temperature modulation  
  • Set the target room temperature  
  • Room air humidity measurement  
  • Weather-compensated operation possible when installed with the MiGo Link Gateway

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Climastat Select

Wired room thermostat

  • Easy to use
  • Clear digital display
  • Simple and discreet 2 wire connection

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Your personal heating assistant

  • Remote heating and hot water control
  • Automatically learns your energy needs
  • MiGo and Glow-worm boilers speak the same language

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Smart Wiring Centreᶾ

Intelligent wiring centre

  • Allows Glow-worm intelligent controls to be used with Ultracom and Flexicom heat only and system appliances
  • Can control up to two heating zones and one domestic hot water zone

Wired Outdoor Sensor

  • Wired weather compensation sensor
  • Simple and discreet
  • Reads outdoor temperature

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

  • Wireless weather compensation sensor using inbuilt PV cells
  • Enables weather compensation when paired with MiSet, Climapro₂ RF & Climapro₁ RF
  • Works on indirect sunlight which re-charges the small PV cells

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