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MiGo - Your personal heating assistant

Comfort made easy. It’s in your hands. Easily manage your heating and hot water from anywhere. Set your temperature at any time, any place.

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Maximise the efficiency of your boiler.

MiGo speaks the same language as your boiler to ensure you’re only using the required amount of energy - saving you money.

Increased comfort and savings.

MiGo makes it all possible. Control your heating and hot water needs from your smart phone even when you’re away. Increase your comfort, lower your energy bills.

Full cost-saving potential.

Because MiGo has been exclusively engineered to work with our new and existing boilers, you’ll save more energy and money than with any other Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

Internet weather compensation.

MiGo only ever uses your energy as and when it needs to. It makes a calculation based on its location and the surrounding weather stations to obtain the outside temperature for your property, all without the need for a separate external temperature sensor.

Remote heating and hot water control

Manage your temperature, heating and so much more from anywhere with our intuitive easy-to-use smartphone app.

MiGo automatically learns your energy needs

From the moment MiGo is installed it begins to learn your home’s energy needs, so when you ask for 21˚C, you get 21˚C without the wait.

Wherever you are. Whatever time of day.

Has something come up? Quickly change the temperature, or use one of the many heating programs. Control your heating anywhere, any time.

Smartphone access

Easy-to-use app for managing your heating and hot water

Energy consumption monitoring

The MiGo control monitors gas and electricity consumption for both heating and hot water

Internet weather compensation

MiGo optimised flow temperatures and efficiency to only use energy as and when it needs to

Electronic paper display

Clear black and white display offers easy-to-read contrast with low energy consumption

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Fast and straightforward temperature control

Away mode

MiGo's 'Away mode' stops your home heating whilst you are away and putting it back on ready for when you return.

Boiler modulation

MiGo uses eBUS technology to communicate with your boiler and ensure you're only using the required amount of energy.

Multi-user sharing and multi-home control

MiGo allows multiple users to access one control; this means that all the family can control the heating system.

Take comfort into your hands