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Central Heating Controls

Central heating and domestic hot water controls are key to giving you the perfect home environment. In this article, our experts will give you an insight into all things heating controls.

How does a central heating control work?

A heating control allows you to optimise home comfort while saving money.

Choosing the right central heating control for your home is important when installing a heating system. This is because it provides heat and water to your home.

Glow-worm has a range of wired and wireless smart controls to help you manage your heating at home and remotely for those nights when you stay out just a bit later or if you’re getting home earlier than you thought. They can also help you optimise your heating system to make efficiencies that help cut costs and your carbon footprint.

Heating controls offer benefits for both homes and the environment:

Heating controls help you to control and save on the energy you use.

Adjust with ease so your home stays at the perfect temperature all year round.

Some controls adapt to outside weather conditions.

Some controls learn how your home heats up and programme the boiler to run in the most efficient way saving energy. You can adjust your heating from your smart device, anytime, from anywhere.

Most common types of heating controls

There are several controls available for hot water and heating systems. These range from simple on/off to internet-connected smart controls, which can be operated from smartphones and tablets.

Room Thermostats

Room thermostats allow you to adjust the heat by simply turning the dial.

Programable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to set your desired room temperature for different times of the day. Glow-worm offers these types of thermostats as wired or wireless. These thermostats can also be paired with an outdoor weather sensor.

Smart Heating Controls

Glow-worm currently have a smart heating control, the MiGo. If you are away from home, the MiGo app allows you to control your home remotely through your smartphone or tablet using the internet. This includes setting up a schedule of when you want your heating or hot water to be on. This type of heating and hot water technology means you can optimise your system and carry out commands remotely like delaying the heating coming on if you won’t be home until later than expected.

Learn more in our smart heating systems guide.

Choosing the right control system for your home

Boiler controls offer flexibility, and it’s important to find the right control for you and your heating system. Glow-worm has a range of different control accessories to choose from.

For example, if you pair the MiSet with the wireless outdoor sensor, you will benefit from the weather-compensating feature. It works by using the actual temperature outside and adjusting the flow temperature to ensure optimal efficiency. Or, you can use the Climastat select room thermostat to simply adjust the temperature when you desire.

If you’d like a little advice on the best system for your needs, our heating experts will be happy to guide you in the right direction.


To find the ideal combination of heating system and control for your home, get in touch with an experienced Glow-worm installer.

They will be able to offer you a recommendation based on your lifestyle and heating and hot water requirements.