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Central heating and domestic hot water controls are key to providing a comfortable living environment and minimising costs through increased efficiency.

Choosing the right control is important when installing a heating system to provide warmth and hot water to your home. A control allows you to change your environment optimising your home comfort as well as minimising costs through efficiency.

There are a number of different controls available for hot water and heating systems from simple on/off controls to internet connected smart home control which allow you to moderate your home from your smartphone or tablet.

The advantages of heating controls:

  • Helps you to control and save on the energy you use
  • Adjust the temperature with ease for a comfortable temperature
  • Some controls even adapt to outside weather conditions

Heating controls for every need

Controls offer flexibility and it’s important to choose the right control for you and your heating system. With 8 different control accessories to choose from on Glow-worm, you’ll be able to find one suited to providing the information you need.

For example, you can make use of Climapro1 control paired with one of our wireless outdoor sensors for optimum indoor temperature controls or stick with something like the 230V thermostat with a simple and easy to use temperature dial. For more information on our different types of thermostat controls, you can view the range here.

Remote control

With our more sophisticated MiGo smart home control, you can now control your home remotely through your smartphone or tablet using the internet. The type of technology means you can optimise your system and carry out commands remotely like turning off the heating if you won’t be home until later.

Find out more about smart homes here

Choosing the right control and heating system

To find the ideal combination of heating system and control for your home we recommend you speak with a Glow-worm installer. They will be able to offer you a recommendation based on your lifestyle and heating and hot water requirements.

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