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How much does a boiler service cost in 2024?

An annual boiler service is essential in making sure your central heating system is running smoothly to provide you with heating and hot water when you need it. With this current economy and price increases across the country, our Glow-worm experts are here to talk you through what to expect from a boiler service, especially the prices surrounding servicing in 2024.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

What can affect servicing costs?

In 2023, the average price for an annual boiler service was estimated to be around £100. However, for 2024, the range is estimated to be between £109-120.

Where you live plays a big part in the pricing of servicing with typically the North being cheaper and more expensive in the South (outside London £109-119) (London £110-120).

Prices vary depending on the company you choose. Our network of Club Energy installers are independent, Gas Safe-registered heating engineers that they have been fully trained in the best practices for working in your home safely. You’re still keeping costs down by using a local contractor but can rest assured that you’ll receive a safe and thorough boiler service.

Find a local installer to book your Club Energy boiler service today.

One-off boiler servicing’s are usually cheaper than a boiler plan. However, paying for a cover plan will cover you for if your boiler needs servicing more than once annually.

Each boiler type will require a different service which could ultimately affect the cost due to the amount of work required to complete the service.

The age of your boiler will affect the price of servicing as older boilers will require a bigger service than newer boilers.

Service costs for different boiler types

Your location in the UK and your choice of heating engineer are the biggest deciding factors for the cost of a boiler service. That said, the type of gas boiler you have can also play a part in determining the price. Here, we’ve outlined the typical service costs for different boiler types.

Combi boiler service costs

Combi boilers are compact, cost-effective and energy efficient and are ideal for homes where space is precious.

System boiler service costs

System boilers are common for homes that have more than one bathroom due to it being able to provide a constant hot water source with the help of a hot water cylinder.

Regular boiler service costs

Regular boilers (also known as heat only, open vent and conventional boilers) are common in homes that are in low water pressure areas, where you will have a hot water cylinder and water storage tank to provide hot water to multiple bathrooms.

The price of servicing the different boiler types in 2024 are all very similar with the price estimated to stay between £109-120, despite the different sizes of the systems.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

Boiler servicing should be an annual task carried out by homeowners. Having your boiler checked regularly by a specialist ensures:

✓ You maintain your guarantee after the first year.

✓ A longer life expectancy for your boiler.

✓ You can avoid major repairs if the problem is recognised early.

✓ Vital for safety purposes.

Visit our annual boiler servicing page for more information about why it’s important to get yearly boiler check-ups or find an installer near you to book yours.

Boiler service vs boiler repair

It’s important to note that a boiler service is different from a boiler repair – a service should be carried out once a year to check for any issues, whereas a repair will only need to be carried out in the event that you experience problems with your boiler.

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