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Hydrogen: A no-nonsense explanation

  • On average 31% of all emissions from your house currently come from your central heating
  • Backed by the government’s 2050 ‘net zero’ target – these emission figures need to reduce
  • A big focus has been placed on the heating industry to find an alternative to natural gas fired heating systems…

…introducing Hydrogen Boilers!

Glow-worm has been Keeping Britain Glowing since 1934, adapting our products to suit new technology and gas types over the years – so we’re prepared to transition to hydrogen as soon as the industry is ready.

The current situation

20% hydrogen vs. hydrogen-ready

When will I get hydrogen?

The current situation

  • Trials have started to test the suitability of hydrogen in UK homes
  • There is still a significant amount of infrastructure and testing which needs to happen
  • How we create and store hydrogen in the most efficient and climate neutral way is a big focus too

20% hydrogen vs hydrogen-ready

  • It’s all about the amount of hydrogen that will be introduced into the network
  • 20% means a mixture of 20% hydrogen into the current gas network – saving around 7% CO2 emissions. This could be ready from 2023. Tests are underway to check all condensing boilers to make sure they perform correctly with this new mixture.
  • 100% hydrogen would mean distributing 100% hydrogen using our existing gas pipe network. This replacement won’t happen overnight, in fact it will take many years. Hydrogen-ready boilers are undergoing manufacturer trials with the aim of availability from 2025.

When will I get hydrogen

  • 100% Hydrogen will not see widescale availability for many years
  • The UK requires the Government to set investment and infrastructure upgrades before delivery to homeowners can happen
  • As soon as the infrastructure is ready, you can count on Glow-worm to deliver hydrogen boilers to suit your needs