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A new heating by Glow-worm Efficiency, comfort and smart technology for your home! Try our boiler calculator

Boiler Replacement

If you need to replace your existing Glow-worm boiler, here’s everything you need to know.

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Replacing your Boiler

Here is all you need to know about replacing your boiler

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Need some advice on which boiler type is right for your home, try our boiler calculator.

Find the right heating solution for your home with our Boiler Calculator

This tool is a guide and we recommend that you contact a Glow-worm Club Energy installer for expert advice as every install and heating need are unique.

When is the right time to replace your boiler?

There are different signs that indicate it is time to replace your boiler.

For example, your old boiler might have functional problems resulting in reduced hot water supply or sudden drops in temperature.

Or your energy bill might be unusually high. New heating systems are much more efficient, so your new Glow-worm boiler will save on energy costs.

If your heating system is more than 15 years old, you should think about a replacement – especially if you don’t use high efficiency condensing technology yet.

After replacement, your new boiler will generate a win-win-win effect: Reducing energy costs saves money. Consuming less energy lowers emissions and also protects the environment. Improving the quality of your living conditions also increases your property’s value.

What are the benefits of a new boiler?

Installing a new Glow-worm boiler is a quick and cost-effective modernisation measure. A consistent supply of heat and hot water as well as low maintenance and repair costs ensure maximum comfort – for many years to come.

And with MiGo, our smart App based heating control, you can become a smart home manager – no matter if you’re home or away.


Energy consumption costs can be reduced. The purchase of the new boiler will be paid off in a couple of years and the value of your property will increase. Another positive effect: the new heating system is even more environmentally friendly.

Comfortable Living

Because our systems are optimised to the requirements of your home, our latest heating technology guarantees excellent heating and hot water comfort. Also, you benefit from one of the main advantages of Glow-worm’s heating systems: an abundant, constant supply of hot water at your desired temperature, ready when you want it.

Smart home

MiGo is a personal heating assistant exclusively engineered for our boilers to deliver innovative comfort to you. Use your smartphone to track your heating and hot water supply anywhere, anytime. MiGo helps you optimize your energy consumption, so you can control your costs.

What are the benefits of gas-fired condensing boiler technology?

Because condensing systems are associated with high efficiency and less consumption, they are the optimum choice for environmentally friendly heating based on gas. Gas powered heat provides a cost-efficient and consistent source of warmth and hot water supply.

You benefit from:

  • Proven and established technology
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Low purchase costs for an affordable solution
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Application in practically any housing situation

Connected home

Connected home means you can control your heating and hot water wherever you are. Our MiGo technology means that as soon as your system is installed, it starts to learn about your home’s heating needs. It works intuitively and only ever uses the exact amount of energy it needs – so it’s better for the environment and means your fuel bills are lower.

MiGo works via the smartphone app, so you can control the whole system with the click of a button. You can even connect your MiGo to Amazon Echo, so you can ask Alexa to change the heating without leaving the sofa.

Find out more about MiGo intelligent room control with app

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Boiler Calculator

Our latest boiler calculator has been designed to help you choose which boiler would be best suited for your home. Try it to find out.