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Boiler Plus

Having a heating control installed with your boiler is essential in providing you with a comfortable, cosy home. Boiler Plus ensures that homes in the UK meet the Government’s net zero targets to become more sustainable.

What is Boiler Plus?

Boiler Plus is a government legislation introduced in April 2018 to give everyone efficient home heating. The legislation stated that all boiler installations are accompanied by the fitting of time and temperature controls and require an ErP (energy-related products) rating of 92%.

If you have a new combi boiler installed, your installer must meet at least adhere to one of the four additional criteria of Boiler Plus below:

  • Load compensation - Using a control to modulate the boilers output by intelligently taking into account the current room temperature.
  • Weather compensation - Using a control to modulate the boiler output by intelligently taking into account the current outside temperature.
  • Smart control - Providing automation for heating and hot water using a smart control resulting in optimised boiler efficiency.
  • FGHR (Flue Gas Heat Recovery) - This process redirects gases that escape the flue back into the boiler to preheat the water.

Glow-worm has a wide range of solutions to Boiler Plus, from the top of the range smart control MiGo to the easy-to-use Climastat room thermostat for the very simplest way to comply.

Will I be affected by Boiler Plus?

If your boiler was installed after 2018 then you will not be affected by Boiler Plus. Whereas, if you had it installed before 2018 then you must change it to meet Boiler Plus guidelines. We always recommend installing a heating control alongside your boiler, even if your boiler is not new.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your boiler, view our replacing your boiler page or find your local installer.

How can my home comply with Boiler Plus?

At Glow-worm, we have smart technologies available to help you meet Boiler Plus requirements and maximise the efficiency of your home, both inside and outside. Our smart technologies available are as shown below:

MiGo personal heating assistant

Your personal heating assistant

  • Remote heating and hot water control
  • Automatically learns your energy needs
  • MiGo and Glow-worm boilers speak the same language

Climapro₂ RF control

Glow-worm’s most innovative wireless programmable room thermostat

  • Simple-to-use handheld unit can be wall mounted or portable within the living area
  • Backlit display provides advanced user control and functionality
  • Two channel wireless programmable room thermostat

Climapro₁ control

Available wireless and wired

  • Annual service reminder function
  • Automatic update for summer and winter
  • Simple and discreet

Climastat room thermostat (discontinued)

Thermostat by Glow-worm

  • Easy to use
  • Extra low voltage
  • Simple & discreet 2 wire connection

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

  • Wireless weather compensation sensor using inbuilt PV cells
  • Enables weather compensation when paired with MiSet, Climapro₂ RF & Climapro₁ RF
  • Works on indirect sunlight which re-charges the small PV cells

Wired Outdoor Sensor

  • Wired weather compensation sensor
  • Simple and discreet
  • Reads outdoor temperature

Boiler Plus in Scotland and Wales

Similar Boiler Plus rules apply to both Wales and Scotland. However, the rules were not introduced until 2022, with some differences from those put into place in England.

Boiler Plus in Wales

In Wales, the boiler policy requirements make it clear that your smart thermostat should include remote access so you can control your heating anytime and from any place.

For a complete solution, pairing the boiler with either the MiGo weather smart control or the MiSet load compensated control would get your boiler to meet the four additional measures of Boiler Plus in Wales.

Boiler Plus in Scotland

While Scotland's Boiler Plus criteria remain the same as England's. The requirements apply to all boiler systems (system and regular/open vent), not just combi boilers.