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How to comply with Boiler Plus

MiGo personal heating assistant

MiGo is the smart thermostat and app specifically developed to work with Glow-worm boilers. It can control your heating and hot water from a smartphone device (available on iOS and Android) wherever you are and whenever you require it. It ticks the Boiler Plus box for smart controls, load and weather compensation.

Climapro2 RF control

Climapro2 is Glow-worm’s most advanced wireless programmable room thermostat. Central heating and hot water can be simply programmed to turn on automatically to suit your lifestyle, with multiple temperature levels throughout the day. The Climapro2 (also available wired) complies with Boiler Plus and is compatible with all Glow-worm.

Climapro1 control

Climapro1 is a programmable room thermostat which allows you to automate heating and hot water* requirements through the day. Available as a wired and wireless unit, it can be scheduled to provide 24 hour and 7 day timing options. The control meets Boiler Plus standards by offering a smart control solution and also by providing a weather compensation solution.

*Must be used in conjunction with a Smart Wiring Centre.


Climastat is our simple to use thermostat. You can control the temperature in your rooms and it works with all Glow-worm boilers. Climastat is an easy to use and discreet thermostat. It meets Boiler Plus for controls and runs on extra low voltage, further increasing energy efficiency.

Wireless outdoor Sensor

Our wireless outdoor sensor uses its sensor to tell the boiler what the outside temperature is. This allows for the boiler to modulate its output with weather compensated flow temperatures for the best efficiency. It is quick and easy to set up and use, meeting Boiler Plus requirements when paired with the Climapro2 RF or Climapro1 RF.

Outdoor sensor

This outdoor sensor gives you weather compensation by modulating the boilers output based on the outside temperature. It is easy and discreet whilst providing your preferred room temperature with optimum efficiency. The sensor meets Boiler Plus when paired with a Climapro2 or Climapro1.

Universal Analog Timer

The Universal Analog Times comes pre-fitted on the Glow-worm Essential, Easicom3 and Betacom, and when paired with a Climastat it meets Boiler Plus regulations by meeting load compensation. It can also be used as an added extra for the Ultimate and Energy boilers, which provides a simple solution to meeting Boiler Plus when paired with a Climastat.

*Smart Wiring Centre2

The Smart Wiring Centre alone does not allow your boiler to comply with Boiler Plus, but it is a vital part of our controls solution. It works as a gateway to allow Glow-worm intelligent controls to be used with Ultracom and Flexicom heat only and system appliances to meet Boiler Plus regulations.

*must be used with wired Climapro1 on second heating zone