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Smart Home

Saving energy, maximising comfort

Smart homes are the future of home living and offer many benefits. They are often more energy-efficient, secure and promote all-around efficiency & convenience as smart home devices can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

In this article, you will find information on what is a smart home, various smart home devices and our experts will introduce you to how Glow-worm smart controls and the MiGo smart home app can fit into your smart home ecosystem.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home which uses a range of interconnected devices which can all be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. This type of living is designed to improve the efficiency of your heating, cooling, security, lighting and more, which could improve home comforts

Common features of a smart home include heating, lights and appliances that can be controlled remotely, often using a mobile app.

What is a smart home ecosystem

A smart home ecosystem is a system of devices and software that work together to control, monitor, and automate the various functions of a home. A typical smart home ecosystem might include devices such as smart thermostats, security cameras, door locks, and lights. For example, if you're getting close to home or pull up on your drive, the heating could switch on, the door unlocks and the light in the entrance hall switches on – all due to smart home technology!

What devices do I need for my smart home?

To create a smart home, you will need to purchase smart devices and appliances and connect them to form your smart home network (ecosystem).

Which particular devices you decide to include in your smart home system is entirely up to you as the design of a smart home will vary depending on your household's specific needs and preferences.

A few devices that you might need for your smart home:

What is smart home heating?

Smart home heating is a term for home heating systems that can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone or other devices. Smart home heating is controlled by a smart thermostat that can also be controlled via an app, such as Glow-worm’s MiGo app.

Some advantages of smart home heating include

Smart home heating can help you save money on your energy bill by automatically adjusting the temperature when you are not home or asleep to reduce energy consumption

Reduced energy consumption helps you be more sustainable

Convenience of being able to monitor and adjust the temperature remotely

Improves comfort levels and provides peace of mind by ensuring that the home is always at the desired temperature

How to make your home heating into smart home heating?

To make your home heating into smart home heating, you will need to purchase a smart home thermostat. Once you have had the thermostat installed, you will be able to control your home heating via your smartphone or another smart device via an app.

How do smart heating controls work?

You can use a smart heating control to personalise your home’s temperature to suit your individual needs. Whether you want to turn off the heating as you won’t be home until later on or to pre-heat the hot water ready for when you get home. Smart home systems can be programmed to fit your lifestyle with ease.

Using the Glow-worm smart controller MiGo, with it’s dedicated app, you can be in control of your home using the internet. MiGo has been exclusively engineered to work with our new and existing boilers. Using eBUS technology it'll communicate with your boiler to ensure you're only using the required amount of energy. You'll save more energy and money than with any other Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

Through the ability to programme your home to provide energy only when you need it, these devices have the potential to help you reduce your overall energy consumption. Find out more about our smart heating systems by reading our guide to smart heating systems.